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About Us

My mother is the toughest woman I've ever known.

She's strong, rational and straightforward. Independent and crazy about challenges. Not the type of ladies lots of men can get along.


But in the face of everything, her appearance suggests the complete opposite. She has a whole collection of floral embroidered bracelets and pendants.

That bothered me for a while. Why does mom's taste contradict what people think about her so much?


"Because it's not about my image", one day she answered.

"It's about what makes me feel most comfortable as myself. Before speaking to the world, your jewelry should speak to your heart. The most natural things don't need an explanation; you just know it when you see it."

That's how we create our jewelry collections.

Are they the latest trends? Sometimes they are, sometimes not.

Our items don't speak to fashion. They speak to you.


They are things that comfort and heal, remind and recall.

That tap you right in the heart in just a blink.

That make you feel like home.

Make you feel like you.

Without a need for reasons.

Because maybe there is no need for a statement jewelry. You are the statement yourself.