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Starry Night Collection

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In a stunning display of style and craftsmanship, this jewelry set is brought to you. With it, a masterpiece comes alive.

Combining Sterling silver, Gold plated cloisonne, Midnight blue enamel and Oil dripping technique, this collection is a premium miniature version of Van Gogh’s timeless Starry Night painting.

Painted in the mental hospital during a depressing period of his life, the painting could have been a sad artwork. And yet, we see hope and dream, shining from the golden stars above.

"There is always hope, even in the darkest of times."

So trust your dream and let these alluring jewelries make a statement. Because what would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

  • Materials: Plated gold & silver, Copper, Enamel
  • Size:
    • Large ring:size 7.5 (circumference 2.20 in / 5.58 cm) - Adjustable
    • Small ring: size 6 (circumference 2.04 in / 5.19 cm) - Adjustable
    • Necklace: 15 in / 39 cm